bad; boring; dull; opposite of steep
Homework is so flat!
by Eileen March 14, 2003
Uncool, bogus, lame, wack, or dick.
I got fired today for smoking weed in the boss was totally flat about it.
by J March 12, 2003
(noun) A person at a party or Social event that remains sobber as all other people are on a high of extreme alcohol consumption
"I was the only one flat there"
"We were the only flat ones"
"Nah I was flat"
"Better than just having us three flat"
by Andy and Michael April 26, 2006
n. change for a twenty consisting of one $10 bill, one $5 bill, and five $1 bills. Used primarily in the service industry.
Hey, Mikey, give me a flat for this twenty.
by doormat April 30, 2004
Neither a penis, nor vagina. Simply a flat landscape and skin where the genitals should be located. They are commonly located on small, non manly males, that are laughed at it high school.
That kid is a pussy, he has a flat.
by mack3107 August 02, 2010
FLAT - A day that is not good but not too bad. A day that was just so so with no big events. A boring day. chill.
It's been a flat day.
by Bdanz October 04, 2008
As Flat as a kippers dick.
That woman has no boobs shes as flat as a kippers dick.
by Steve November 06, 2003

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