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An action that is considered bad morally, unfair or dirty. Shows disapproval of the action by the speaker.
Dude you dumped Bob on his birthday for his best friend? That's pretty low...

You kicked him in his broken leg? That's low....
by Evil Bella October 18, 2004
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Varient of allow

Means "no" but is a stronger phrase than "no". It is usually used as a sign of resentment.
"Q: Wanna go to the cinema? A: Nah 'low dat, that girl might be there!"
by Jason Forbes December 28, 2005
The opposite of high. Comes after being really high, then you just... aren't high. That's a great contrast, so you feel low.

A form of depression that comes after being high.
What goes up... must come down.
by ~The Nameless One~ May 16, 2005
1. Late-Onset Winter Syndrome. When the snow doesn't come until you think you won't possibly make it one more day without strapping on skis or a snowboard.
2. Dammit!
I used to ski at Thanksgiving every year, but lately my hill's been suffering from LOWS.
by skiwhitefish October 26, 2010
A cooler way of saying "noob" or "low skilled".

Often used in games such as Call of Duty etc.
LOW dude!

You are so low!
by Daee December 07, 2009
If you are the greatest gamer in the world you are Low-
I was playing on a mulch server last night and was destroyed it must have been Low-
by trident December 19, 2004
A vernacular term for heroin (diacetylmorphine HCl) used most frequently in the Baltimore/DC ''High Intensity Drug Trafficking'' area.

synonymous with, and possibly a contraction of "Blows" (not to be confused with "Blow").

It is usually used to describe the most prevalent local variety of heroin, which is often presented as a mixture of 16-35% diacetylmorphine, ~15% mannose (sometimes lactose), 20-30% quinine hcl, and diphenhydramine or cimetadine. The latter three of these excipient ingredients are understood to function as antihistamines, anti-catabolic potentiators, and "taste-imitators".

The word can also be used in it's verb form to refer to the act of self-administration. e.g., to "get low"
Individual A:

"Yo mang, we f**king Aced that Laplacian Electrostatics final! We should celebrate seven thirty mang."

Individual B:

"we should get low as f**k. lets hit the trap--ima call mah boy an let him know it's a bill eighty."

Individual A:

"oh snap, thas like 22 bags of low. lets smash out!"
by TheeSkepticalChymist January 05, 2010

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