Used to describe a packaged tray containing 24 cans of a given beverage.
A flat of Kokanee. A flat of Big Rock.
by Glimm April 06, 2004
to have no boobs
DESTINY is flat
by Bimbo April 04, 2003
When ordering chicken wings, requesting only the flat wings. Absolutely no drumsticks.
Man, lemme get some wings but just them flats.
by upsman1023 November 11, 2014
a person who has no boobs
DESTINY isnt flat anymore
by bimbo March 13, 2005
Being Flat Down Below, Having No Genitals And Being A Fag
Name Starting With P And Ending With N Flat
by PlooutionSux March 20, 2012
When someone has either smoked marijuana to the point where they feel deflated and the possibility of physical activity is out of the question
When the weeds rank of dank makes you that way. The name comes from the above the influence commercial called "flat".
Other symptoms of being flat include being anti-social
That weed made Emily so flat yesterday, she couldnt even move her arms
by Rammy12 November 04, 2010
Very drunk, but in a lethargic sense. The term refers to the vertical position of one laying down or passing out on account of heavy drinking.
"Man, I wish I hadn't drank all that gin before the party. I was completely flat the entire time we were there."
by paul22 December 13, 2009

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