a flat shoe, looks like a ballerina slipper, that girls are wearing all the time. They can come in any color and with most any design on them. Causes = smelly, sweaty feet.
Look, that girl is wearing gold flats to match her gold earrings and gold purse.
by anti-flat April 10, 2010
"She has a flat rack."
by x January 31, 2003
something boring or tedious
the party was flat so hector streaked through the billiard room.
by CooCooCoo January 17, 2006
The absence of swell.
Dude, did you surf today?
Naw...Its been flat all week.
by trimbandit March 27, 2003
Short on cash, running low on money, going broke.
"Loan me some money!"
"Sorry, but I'm flat tonight."
by Soma9 July 14, 2008
Closely related to BATS, FLATS stand for "Fuckin' little ass titties"
Guy 1: Wow dude, that chick has some flats!
Guy 2: Dude, shes like 11!
by HuFlungPu August 21, 2008
Used to describe a packaged tray containing 24 cans of a given beverage.
A flat of Kokanee. A flat of Big Rock.
by Glimm April 06, 2004
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