1: an online site that has members photoshop pictures mpostly by putting ackbar on it
very hilarious

2: sending massive amounts of farkers to a site so it has to shut down
2: man we farked that sit good
by FlamingGuts August 03, 2003
Call of the Australian crow.
Cows moo, pigs oink, cats meow and dogs bark.
Magpies warble, turkeys gobble, ducks quack and crows fark.
by Francis Blunt June 19, 2006
A great place to comment on things you know nothing about and provide insensitive advice for pathetic hapless losers with women problems.
My farkin'GF left me what should I do?

Advise: Make reference to internet pornography and frequent masturbation to cure GF problem
by Frank June 22, 2003
This is a Hungarian word which is actually spelt Fak but is pronounced Fark, and means a group or stand of trees
"Look at the Fark over there"
by D, Fitzpatrick. April 10, 2006
A place for people to argue about the merits and faults of the Republikkkan party. Oh yeah, and boobies.
Sadly, there's not much else going on there.
by My name is Mud. March 23, 2005
an uncommon expletive used to display anger due to unfortunate circumstances
by Billy Bob August 28, 2003
(noun) - Harvard-style definition: flatulance occuring, and most likely caused by the activity, while one is engaged in sexual intercourse.
URBAN DEF.: a fart while one is having a fuck, or fucking.
also: farking, farked
(origin: the term is a mix of the two derogatory terms "fart" and "fuck"; Source: High Times magazine, 1980s)
He suddenly stopped banging her, dragging his ass to the side of the bed to avoid farking a third time, and swore he'd never again eat bean chili during a date.
by ringhorne July 27, 2005

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