The act of passing gas in an immobile vehicle.
Hannah: "Im glad we found this parking spot"
Jeremy: "Me too! Do you smell that?"
Hannah: "Yeah sorry I just farked."
by Bits and Trix January 23, 2009
fark (v)- to go over to a girl's house, get drunk, have sex with her, and then wake up in the middle of the night and pee on her bed, resulting in her departure from her own bed, leaving you by yourself

etymology- this word comes from an incident involving my friend who is often referred to as babyfark mcgeezaxs or fark for short. needless to say, his actions are so unique that they deserve their own distinct term, named after fark himself.
Wow dude, I totally farked that girl last night after we partied. I cant believe she didnt kill me after I soaked those sheets.
by celtics announcers suck January 12, 2010
a big chunky fart
Dude, i accidently farked at Lisa's house yesterday.

I farked and and the house smelled really bad.
by superawesomecoolio January 02, 2010
is when a girl farts while your getting her in her ass!!
I was having sex with ruth and she farked right on my dick!
by jurrasic fark October 17, 2009
pertaining to sex, expressing ones feelings toward the outcome of a situation
"Don'd fark this up!" or "I need good farking"
by Ram MacKenzie October 14, 2007
What you say when you don't wanna say fuck.

Jackass: What the fark are you doing?!
Asshole: Farking Jackasshole.
Jackasshole: GET THE FUCK OFF ME!
Jackass and Asshole: Teecha! He said the F word!
Teecha: Why the fark do you talk like that?
Innocent Bystander: What The Fark.
Innocent Bystander 2: Yeah really! Us fine gentlemen do not need those words in our-OW OW OW OW OW WHY THE FUCK DID YOU KICK ME?!!!!
Innocent Bystander: You were say-OW YOU FRIGGEN IDIOT!
1) Is everything and nothing at the same time.
2) Can be added or exchanged for all words

i.e. Can be a verb, noun, adjective, or a fark....
what the fark.
Farkin A.
I am going to eat a big plate of fark.
or shows names as well
The Farkily Guy
or songs
Twinkle Twinkle lil Fark.
by Draco1668 September 25, 2007

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