I'm all farked up. I'm ready to go. I'm hot to trot.
I'm all farked up, I'm as toey as a Roman Sandal. I'm rearing to go. I'm filled with anticipation.
by Frank Blunt May 27, 2006
After realizing after you sober up that the girl you nailed the night before was your sister.
Oh Fark. Oh Fark. Oh Fark.
by Some Farker October 07, 2003
To make fun of a person on the internet by doctoring up photos of them in humorous ways and posting them on message boards.
Beano (on the Oklahoma Sooners message board) is farking UW coach Rick Neuheisel for his gambling indiscretion.
by Steve A June 18, 2003
When you're having sex and you pass gas.
"We were doing the bam-bam and she farked. I totally lost bone and slapped her in the face.
by Turtle Armor June 10, 2005
an obviously gay man who claims to be straight but is not, in any meaning of the word.
- a deregatory word to be used to piss off an asshole or friend that upset you
that fark really needs to admit it so he can get on with his life.
by credkim November 21, 2004
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