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A linguistic crutch for the inarticulate motherfucker.
Why the fuck you gotta be using all that goddamned profanity all the time, you piece of shit?
by umanor November 16, 2010
Profanity is a religous tabo,which needs to end.
Little boy: Damn.
Priest: Dont use that profanity. Or you'll fucking go to hell.
Little boy: but...
Priest: I'll but you..heh.
by Classicrocker42o April 29, 2006
The ability to use profanity so well, that those around you can't do anything but applaud your rudeness. Mainly used by bad drivers and high school students, although it has been mastered by thousands of people worldwide.
Bad driver: F**k you motherf*****r! You made me f*****g rear f******g end you f*****g a*s! C**t a** b***h!

High School Student: F**k a** c**t b***h.

Bystander: What pro-fanity.
by pacmanawesomepants November 05, 2009
A word to use in place of a cuss word to make it kosher.
"What's up, profanities!?" "How the profanity are you?" "You know what?! Profanity you!" "AMERICA, PROFANITY YEAH!"
by Set_it_to_wumbo November 01, 2011
A word meaning "good italian fans"

Pro- Good
Ity- Italian
Fan- well, fan means fan.

Also includes cuss words.
"We do not use the word Profanity in this class room." "Good Italian Fans."
by Iamtheonlyme February 10, 2012
Bad words, Swears, Curses, and Words that are not appropriate that many teenagers use and should not be using. If anyone is saying a word you do not approve of tell them "I dont like that profanity you douche"
Him:You Sorry ass MotherFUcker im gonna Beat the shit out of you, your a fucking deuchebag, go suck your mothers dick.
You: I dont aprove of that Profanity you douche-bag
by & Im A Sexxy Ass Duck March 12, 2006
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