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Being slashdotted means that a huge influx of Internet traffic has come upon a website as a result of its being mentioned on Slashdot, a technology news and information site.

See also: slashdotted
Goddamnit. They found my pictures of the Mountian Dew bottle I turned into a computer... fuckers slashdotted my server.
by trypnotic May 21, 2003
When a web site becomes virtually unreachable because too many people are trying to access to it after the site has been mentioned on another web site. The term was born at the Slashdot nerd news service. (
"I can't load the page, the site must be slashdotted"
"You got the Google cache? The site's slashdotted"
by Anonymous November 05, 2002
When a website experiences a surge in user traffic to the point of grinding to a halt. Often this results in web masters having to foot huge bills if they pay by bandwidth.
Damn slashdotted site!!!!
by wiggles May 21, 2003
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