An unpleasant noise made involuntarily during sexual intercourse. Farks should not be confused with moans. Can also be used as a verb.
Fark: When me and my man go at it, he's embarrassed that he farks so loudly that the neighbors wake up. He just can't keep the farking down.
by aaamanda April 28, 2007
its a verb that means to find a parking spot
I farked a great spot at the mall yesterday.
by 548766 April 15, 2009
1.Being an asshole for no apparent reason
2.Being fat and obnoxious
3.Creating problems out of boredom
Our housemate got drunk and called us a waste of life, he was being a real Fark.

Mark drank all of Matt's lemonade and limeade. That fatass is a real Fark.

I thought he was cool, turned out he was a Fark.
by Lord Farkwar September 22, 2008
means anything you want it to mean.
you can use it for any word. (expl) i fark(love) you.

people might not always know what you mean but it is always fun to use frak for a word(s) and people wont know what or who you are talking about :]
by amaZingycute15 June 20, 2009
A shitty fuck. buttsex
Oh fark i forgot my homework
by johnny the magical pony August 16, 2007
A site full of entertaining news stories, "boobies" links, and "photoshop" links, but forums that are filled with really annoying people and mods that ban and silence without discretion.
Saw this article about a 3-year-old drug dealer on Fark. Right between the Star Wars photoshop contest and the Praise Drew the Webmaster article.
by AyeRoxor November 19, 2003
really really really big!!!! and largerly over weight, will eat anything, sells body for food,(not good at givin head) basicly anyone that would have sex with a ham, or can do the thruffle shuffle.
frito:yo where is mark?
chichi: you mean fark?
frito: yeah him?
chichi:well i dont know... have you checked the corner for him?
chichi:well try the oven im cookin ham!
by cockassballer August 02, 2007

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