having sex whilst farting
dude I was with Jessica yesterday and I just had Taco Bell and we farked so hard. -created by Ethan
by dank master surpreme July 15, 2016
When your dog accidentally farts and barks at the exact same time - often while in a state of REM/semi-sleep.
My Frenchie totally woke himself up by farking!
by Dwaynemeister May 05, 2016
(A conjunction of fuck and fart; can also be spelled "farck.") The act of farting as a result of being penetrated in a sexual act. Usually, the farting is a result of pressure directly or indirectly on the farter's anal canal by a sexual partner's or partners' body part(s). Alternately, the fart may emerge as a result of the farter tensing abdominal muscles in the act of fucking. In any case, farking results from a physical pressure in a sexual act, and does not refer to the accidental release of a fart during sex due to the farter's inability to hold in gas.
M: "Hey Delilah, how was your night of sweet lovemaking with Henry?"
Delilah: "It was soo embarrassing! I was far(c)king all over the place! Right when he inserted, the pressure on the wall of my anal canal made me fark! And then when I was riding him, the fierce engagement of my abdominal muscles caused me to fark even more. But at the end of it he told me he loved me, so I would say it was worth it."
M: "Wow, well I'm so happy that you had a great night. I can relate to the farcking, though--that happens to me all the time."
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by GarliChic March 20, 2016
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