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fabs is beautiful
by jangodarkblade April 11, 2010
17 4
Fabulous Abs.
She's got some pretty rockin' fabs.

Look at the fabs on that guy
by Shneybs December 28, 2009
14 3
a word for describing your vagina (fanny) and your back at the same time.
Zahra: on my i burnt my fab on the sunbeds
Ash: ohh i have it when i do that, you should not go on the sunbeds naked
by BigShark December 30, 2011
37 30
fuck a bitch
1. If you do something nice for a chick and you get nuttin in return;F.A.B
2. You take a chick 2 da movies in hopes of gettin wit her or gettin in her (lol) and u just get a hug bye;F.A.B
3. Or u like me and my manz and just have alot of girls who just "friends" and we dont get ish for doin nice ish for dem; F.A.B
by Jacque Ashe July 10, 2008
8 3
Currently meant, "fabulous", real meaning Fake Ass Bitch.
"Jessica is so FAB"
"Fake ass bitch she is"
by BlackChan92 March 20, 2014
2 0
Fuck a bitch.
I don't know if i should waste my time with her.

Fuck a bitch(f.a.b), she don't even smoke weed.

Also: Person1: I don't know man, I think that's someone else' parking spot.
Person2: Fuck a bitch(f.a.b)as he parks the car..
by doksu January 11, 2010
5 3
fancy a bang?

ayeee ;)
by Duns November 12, 2009
2 1