a word for describing your vagina (fanny) and your back at the same time.
Zahra: on my i burnt my fab on the sunbeds
Ash: ohh i have it when i do that, you should not go on the sunbeds naked
by BigShark December 30, 2011
Currently meant, "fabulous", real meaning Fake Ass Bitch.
"Jessica is so FAB"
"Fake ass bitch she is"
by BlackChan92 March 20, 2014
(Fake ass bitch)

Always need a ride ass bitch
Basic bitches
Anyone lacking class
Your a FAB!
why didn't you text me back last night FAB ?
That FAB fucked my man.
Who's a fake ass bitch? Your a fake ass bitch!
by Keemrva March 27, 2014
Fuck a bitch.
I don't know if i should waste my time with her.

Fuck a bitch(f.a.b), she don't even smoke weed.

Also: Person1: I don't know man, I think that's someone else' parking spot.
Person2: Fuck a bitch(f.a.b)as he parks the car..
by doksu January 11, 2010
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