fabs is beautiful
by jangodarkblade April 11, 2010
Fabulous Abs.
She's got some pretty rockin' fabs.

Look at the fabs on that guy
by Shneybs December 28, 2009
a word for describing your vagina (fanny) and your back at the same time.
Zahra: on my i burnt my fab on the sunbeds
Ash: ohh i have it when i do that, you should not go on the sunbeds naked
by BigShark December 30, 2011
Currently meant, "fabulous", real meaning Fake Ass Bitch.
"Jessica is so FAB"
"Fake ass bitch she is"
by BlackChan92 March 20, 2014
fuck a bitch
1. If you do something nice for a chick and you get nuttin in return;F.A.B
2. You take a chick 2 da movies in hopes of gettin wit her or gettin in her (lol) and u just get a hug bye;F.A.B
3. Or u like me and my manz and just have alot of girls who just "friends" and we dont get ish for doin nice ish for dem; F.A.B
by Jacque Ashe July 10, 2008
A word short for fabulous.
Pewdiepie is sooo fab ):3
by Fab turtle1 March 24, 2015
Noun: One's fabulousness, swagger.
On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate Amanda's fab?
by Oksajin July 16, 2014

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