Fuck a bitch.
I don't know if i should waste my time with her.

Fuck a bitch(f.a.b), she don't even smoke weed.

Also: Person1: I don't know man, I think that's someone else' parking spot.
Person2: Fuck a bitch(f.a.b)as he parks the car..
by doksu January 11, 2010
(Fake ass bitch)

Always need a ride ass bitch
Basic bitches
Anyone lacking class
Your a FAB!
why didn't you text me back last night FAB ?
That FAB fucked my man.
Who's a fake ass bitch? Your a fake ass bitch!
by Keemrva March 27, 2014
A shorter, easier way of saying fabulous without any homophobic nonsense
Dude 1: "I'm having a party at my place tonight!"
Dude 2: "Fabs, I'll be there at 10"
by niteliter July 11, 2011
fancy a bang?

ayeee ;)
by Duns November 12, 2009
When a motherfucker is soo fabulous that they don't need the rest of the word and only use fab. It is only used for the most fab people
Person1) damn that person is fab

Person2) that person is not fab. XxMikasaSwaggermanxX is fab
by CptLeviSwaggerman February 24, 2015
Fat Ass Bitch: It refers to a female with an unpleasant demeanor and a nasty, overpowering attitude who thinks she is attractive but in reality is an over-the-hill dogged-face fugly "lady".
That lady is such a F.A.B.
by Astrid Rod July 13, 2006
A Nice guy who woman love and adore. One of a kind type of person very humble , Loyal, and Trust worthy. Money and Family is his most important factors
Girl 1: I love Fab's their FABulous:)

Girl 2: it's Very rare to come across one
by Lissy223 January 06, 2012

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