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A declaration of denial. Deterring the accusations of others.
Bob: Hey Joe! You're a fag!
Joe: "Says you"
by Rob Jurman May 10, 2004
An expression of disbelief, usually uttered after a sarcastic snort and always with a tone of derision.
"I licked Britney Spear's kneecap last night!"

"<snort>, yeah - says you!"
by Ben Rockitt May 10, 2004
Similar to saying "look who's talking!"; a comeback for when somebody says or insults something or somebody, but the statement is hypocritical
Clark - "Hey Neil! You're so stupid!"
Neil - "Says you! You're the one with an F in Math!"

Bob - "Wow! This paragraph is the mos sloppy thing I have seen!"
Mark - "Says you! All you wrote about was how 2+2 is equal to 5!"
by GutNose November 18, 2014
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