Fat Ass Bitch: It refers to a female with an unpleasant demeanor and a nasty, overpowering attitude who thinks she is attractive but in reality is an over-the-hill dogged-face fugly "lady".
That lady is such a F.A.B.
by Astrid Rod July 13, 2006
Fine Ass Bitches
really hot girl
"man there are so many FABS in vegas."
by ethan fox August 26, 2006
defines " fine ass babe "
yo dude,dat gal suc a f.a.b....damn,she killin me wit da apple bottom!!
by raede April 25, 2010
Fake Ass Bitch- A beautiful woman who you can't trust, is super fake, and can manipulate you in every situation. They are usually known as Beautiful Bitches.
Person 1- Dude! Check Out that Chick, She's sexy!

Person 2- Ohhh Dude, you don't wanna mess with her she's a FAB.
by Beeeeetches May 20, 2011
Frotin' Ass Bitch
You a F.A.B.!
by Blogtv.com April 18, 2009
Feet, Ass & Balls... usually used to refer to the way someone's house or any residency that smells nasty. Can also be used to describe a nasty smelling person.
Dude, your place reeks of F.A.B

I wish i never came to pick you up after your stint in prison. you smell like F.A.B! Take a shower yo!

you can take 7 showers a day staying there and you're still gonna reek of F.A.B
by leena la leena bo beena March 10, 2008
another term for a fart...FAB...Floating Ass (or air) Biscuit. Pungent ass gas laid out quietly and a real slow creeper but an aroma that likes to Linger Longer.
We were chillin with some hot chicks last night and someone laid out a FAB...no one knows who but damn did it break the mood.
by Jahosephus Schnitzel September 11, 2009

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