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another term for a fart...FAB...Floating Ass (or air) Biscuit. Pungent ass gas laid out quietly and a real slow creeper but an aroma that likes to Linger Longer.
We were chillin with some hot chicks last night and someone laid out a FAB...no one knows who but damn did it break the mood.
by Jahosephus Schnitzel September 11, 2009
21 25
a frump ass bitch. i bitch who is frumpy.
the girls in lbc are all F.A.B.s
by P+ October 10, 2010
1 6
Frotin' Ass Bitch
You a F.A.B.!
by Blogtv.com April 18, 2009
6 11
defines " fine ass babe "
yo dude,dat gal suc a f.a.b....damn,she killin me wit da apple bottom!!
by raede April 25, 2010
0 6
Fake Ass Bitch- A beautiful woman who you can't trust, is super fake, and can manipulate you in every situation. They are usually known as Beautiful Bitches.
Person 1- Dude! Check Out that Chick, She's sexy!

Person 2- Ohhh Dude, you don't wanna mess with her she's a FAB.
by Beeeeetches May 20, 2011
24 31
FAT ASS BOTTLE. Like, we're talkin 1.75 liter shit. The kind of shit that will TOTALLY FUCK YOU UP if its the right stuff. Vodka's back, mofos.
Damn, my mom just found my FAB of svedka and made me pour the whole damn thing out. I might have to smack a bitch.
by The McD December 11, 2011
17 25
Acronym; Fresh Air Bowel Syndrome
When you go camping/get out of the urban air you're used to, and get some forest air and you get diarrhea or constipated.
Bob: Just a seecond, I'm going to the washroom
Bob: Yeah, I got FABS
by Bryron2 July 29, 2010
0 8