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Khakis is the beige coloured and creased pants that Black gangstas(that took over the music industry, is height of fashion and are the real gangsters so mafias can get out of here)wear and C walk on or walk the walk.
Ey nigguh, when you get yo KHAKIS creased?
by Icy Dice December 18, 2005
How people from Boston pronounce 'car keys'
Boston person: Hey give me the car keys

normal person: *hands them a pair of khakis*


normal person: OOOOOH CAR KEYS
by Jack jackofferson February 17, 2013
The pants Jake from State Farm likes to wear.
"What're you wearing, 'Jake from State Farm'?" Uh... Khakis."
by Gilgabob August 11, 2014
U.S. pants or uniform: a pair of pants or a uniform made of khaki or fabric of a khaki color or
a dull brownish yellow color
since my treatment 'no more khakis' im putin in fabric matelials.
by jezi December 28, 2006
when food has "straight up spoiled"!!
Holy Crap! That potato salad you left in the sun has gone khaki!
by allymoe12 June 06, 2011
adj. Referring to a mixed person who is neither white, nore black, yet somewhere in between - perhaps even far out from the aforementioned.
I don't know what you are're now khaki.
by Sanguinairius October 21, 2004
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