Frotin' Ass Bitch
You a F.A.B.!
by April 18, 2009
Something that is so expensive or fancy yet utterly useless; overkill; something that says you got money to burn; very materialistic
$100,000 bed w/ 24K gold bed frame and block and ultra-fine silk linens. (What does this bed offer that a simple 1000 dollar bed does not besides luxury?)
by anonymous December 23, 2004
FAT ASS BOTTLE. Like, we're talkin 1.75 liter shit. The kind of shit that will TOTALLY FUCK YOU UP if its the right stuff. Vodka's back, mofos.
Damn, my mom just found my FAB of svedka and made me pour the whole damn thing out. I might have to smack a bitch.
by The McD December 11, 2011
Acronym; Fresh Air Bowel Syndrome
When you go camping/get out of the urban air you're used to, and get some forest air and you get diarrhea or constipated.
Bob: Just a seecond, I'm going to the washroom
Bob: Yeah, I got FABS
by Bryron2 July 29, 2010
abbreviation of the male name 'fabio'
"hey, my names fabio"
"hello, do you mind if i call you fab for short?"
by zoe =] May 29, 2008
An acronym three friends made up at school after seeing a hot peace of ass. F-Fat, A-Ass(literally her ass) B-Booty. Can be used around that girl without her knowing what is being said about her.
" Hey look there goes FAB, i want her juicy fat ass"
by Tylercer&DannyGrant June 24, 2006
From the puppet cult TV series by Gerry Anderson, 'Thunderbirds'. Alternative for 'Loud and Clear' in radio transmissions. Apparently according to Gerry on the website, 'Fabulous' was a buzzword of the 60's, often shortened to 'Fab' and for the show it became F.A.B
Scott 'Okay, come back to Tracy Island'
Virgil 'F A B'
by Andy Derrick September 07, 2005

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