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Another word used for smoking weed. Often used by rappers or urban youth.
Blowing dro, twenty fo', livin how the song goes.
by John Harth June 17, 2008
73 40
The act of sucking a man's genitals in hopes of receiving a favor in return. Can also be applied to sucking off an entire organization, place, event, or object.
Blowing Phil just so he will be your friend is disgusting.

Paul, you can stop blowing the CS department now, they already said they would accept you into their masters program.

Ref, get off your knees, you're blowing the game.
by Ryan_CHME November 19, 2006
82 60
a word that is used when something is irritating
My baby daddy blowing me askin all them questions..
by Kuein La February 23, 2007
67 48
a mispelling of bowling.
guy: how about we go bowling?
girl: I love blowing!
by guh. January 04, 2008
55 72