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(v) to make a loud noise from the back of your throat; to release one's germs and/or diseases into the air; to make a loud noise from the back of your throat while releasing germs
The man behind us in the movie theater was coughing up something heavy... maybe we should get tested for TB.
by Jape September 27, 2004
(n.) 1. Something you do to disguise what you're saying to mock the person spoken to. 2. A hack, splutter, clearing of the throat.

(v.) To hack, splutter, or clear the throat.

*cough*Fuckin asshole cunthead cocklicker motherfucker!cough*
#stupid #tags #making #me #type #more #shit
by papermachete October 30, 2005
a handy term for sarcastically insulting someone. if you add 'cough' to something you say, it becomes sarcastic and implies the opposite. can be used online (1) and in normal conversation (2).
Person A: OMG!!!!!LMAO!!!1 lYkE tHaT iS sO fUnNi!!!!!!1
Person B: Okay, you're cool, cough

Jennifer: He said I was ugly! *sniff*
Ashleigh: Well, you're not, you're really quite pretty.
Hilary: Cough.
#cough #insult #sarcasm #wheeze #splutter
by Excellence On Stand-By October 14, 2007
Universally understood by stoners to mean: Here you go.

Usually referring to weed, but can be used in reference to virtually anything.
Matt, Ronan, and Robert are sitting in a car, smoking weed. Matt passes Robert the pipe. Robert takes a hit.

Robert: *cough cough*
Ronan: Oh thanks, dude. (hits it) *cough cough* Here
Matt: Cool... uh... hey, you have the lighter.
Ronon: Oh. *cough cough*
Matt: Thanks. (sparks up)
#stoner #marijuana #toke #joint #bowl
by Dayraven April 11, 2006
confess to criminal offence of some kind - English criminal argot
He coughed to the robbery
#confess #crime #argot #slang #admit
by Ruzz2 August 01, 2006
A thing that happens when your throat gets all scratchy.
I coughed 'till I blead.
by Cobainime March 18, 2004
To smoke weed.
Me - "Hey Myron, you wanna cough after work?"
Myron - "COUGH!"
#smoke weed #get high #see stars #zeros #problems
by Cr0okedEyes May 15, 2009
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