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Abang i.e

1)Is a malay word which means brother

2)sometimes ,it is also used to call ur man', which is similiar to dear , honey , etc~
1)abang , can you help me with my homework

1)abang , come to bed already !
by warna_2003 February 06, 2005
sabah name of a state in malaysia ;

North of borneo
sabah , i love the ppl thr
by warna_2003 February 06, 2005
to express DISGUST(Emotion. A sickening feeling of revulsion, loathing, or nausea)
is an expression that has a same effect as euiwh ~
SUpermodel : chow !!!! she walks like she's on crack !
by warna_2003 February 21, 2005
FAB , is a soap brand , the cheapest actually .
Very Successful branding , as detergent regardless of brand are refered as fab .
wow , look at the my shirt , so clean , thanx to fab !

abang , go and get some fab pls , i want the Trojan brand !
by warna_2003 February 14, 2005
'young chinese dude '
normally its a general name to call these group since u dont know their name and all , its a very comman practice , it origins from teaching material , whr example are normally using this name ; same as joe , jane , marry , u know those example names !
eh acai , are you done fixxing my car ?
by warna_2003 February 06, 2005
backside bitch :-

Someone that looks great from the back ;
opposite is true whn they turn around .
person1:Wow , look at that gurl , she is working alright ! Oh yeah turn your around baby ,oooouuuuu CHOW !!!!she is a BSB
by warna_2003 February 22, 2005

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