The act of blending into one's surrounding so as to not provoke notice from others.
"I can barely remember that girl from last night."
"Yeah, she was pretty dim."
#shy #exciting #noticable #introvert #extrovert.
by homegrown1999 June 18, 2009
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Someone not very bright.
"What a dim fool."
by CS January 08, 2004
To beat up nerds
Look at those nerds! Let's dim the shit out of them!
#nerds #beat up #sympathy #dym #mean
by jdawg123456777 May 08, 2011
The opposite of 'bright'.
1) Little Tim is rather dim because he can't spell very well.

2) The room's kinda dim; you might need to change the light bulb.
by Diggity Monkeez January 12, 2005
dick in mouth syndrome - when you cant understand somebody because they're mumbling

what was that i cant understand you because you have DIMS
#dome #head #blow job #bj #oral
by the fakin Circle February 17, 2009
Slang for high, or under the influence of cannabis.
Let's go get Dim.
#high #stoned #happy #baked #roasted
by The Green Dimmo January 07, 2011
Dim is not a noun, but a verb. To 'Do a Dimmy' is simply to pull off any feat of mere awesomeness.

Generally related to alcohol and women related activities, one achieves a sense of 'Dim-ness' by successfully completing an act of gloriousness, leaving the crowd in awe.
To Dim is to be a lord of alcohol. To wear Toga's, and have Levels play as entry music upon your entry to every single place you attend. To have the Gods of beer happily shine down upon you. Dim doesn't even get drunk, Alcohol gets Dim'ed.

They say only one man has thus far been able to achieve such immortality. Legend states most Eastern religions believe him to be the messiah.
Others call him by his birth name, the one and only David Outrata.

Dim is not only a lifestyle.
Dim is a legacy.
No joke, he just completely pulled a Dimmy, and slammed down an entire slab, before having sex with the entire Oakland Raiders cheersquad!
#dim #dimmy #lord of alcohol #toga #levels #naked women #dolphins with swords
by Captain Splendifferous November 12, 2012
DIMS is an extension of the phrase 'Martin Is Dan's Dad'. DIMS stands for 'Dan Is Martin's Son'. It follows many variations of the phrase, including MSID (Martin's Son Is Dan), DDIM (Dan's Dad Is Martin), FODIM (Father Of Dan Is Martin), SOMID (Son Of Martin Is Dan), etc. Likewise it is possible to become obsessed with these words, leading to random shouting of the acronyms (and associated words like 'Hall' or 'Father'), withdrawal symptoms and writing the aforementioned phrases onto anything that comes to hand.
Mum: 'Have you done your homework?'
Obsessed Child: 'No, but DIMS, so... FODIM HALL SON MIDD RADAR!!!!!'
#dims #midd #fodim #msid #ddim #father #son #hall #dan
by xObsessedbbzx January 12, 2011
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