a method to declare a variable in vb.net.
dim test as string
dim count as integer
by mike December 22, 2004
acronym for "does it matter?".
Meaning "irrelevant" and used mostly in gen-Y internet slang/ IM conversations, "DIM" is mostly the end of a smirk comment, to specify that the info provided does not matter at the current context.
dude1: Hey, it was cold here. Look at these pics of icicles!

dude2: location?? I could spam u with pics from my Antartic expedition. DIM?

dude1: ha. These are from Orlando, Florida man! It was cold this year.

dude2: wow! Jan 2010 is "global chilling" time!
by gansvv January 10, 2010
Dick in the mouth.

A term to describe something that really sucks.
That dress is so DIM.
by Al's Sleeves November 25, 2009
High off trees
Wow, that spliff got me pretty dim
by treemastaflex May 24, 2009
A person who has such a compelling effect on you.

You fall in love with dims.

You are forever like magnets that attract but also repel. You are forever going to be inlove with them and once you think your moving on they will come back into your life. They wont neccesarily be the best person for you but you cant explain it they just have this thing over you.

If they are your first love you have to have strength to get over them.

dim coming from the term dimme (demon) they are your demon of love and lust

dim also coming from the two peole who inspired this.
"I dont kno how to explain it i guess he's my dim"

"Dont worry i know how you feel i have a guy/girl like that too join the dim club!"

"So hows the dim situation?" "He msgd me lastnight"
by hopelessygotadim June 17, 2009
The act of blending into one's surrounding so as to not provoke notice from others.
"I can barely remember that girl from last night."
"Yeah, she was pretty dim."
by homegrown1999 June 18, 2009
acronym for "dick in mouth", used to describe someone who talks like they have a dick in their mouth.
"Scott! I can't understand what you're saying, you dim!"
by Big Hands September 16, 2007

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