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An accurate term used to describe Democrats as being Dim.
Forced busing was the brainfart of a dimmy.
by mama sez January 05, 2009
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To remove the contents of a pencil case, turn the pencil case inside-out, and then replace the writing utensils back into the inside-out case. A great, easy-to-do practical joke to play during the grind of class.
"Before Mark comes back from the toilet, let's dimmy his pencil case!"

"Haha yea it will be funny!"
by reggyray March 25, 2009
A dimebag; $10 worth of marijuana
Yo, let's go grab a dimmy from that dude down the street.
by Adrock June 29, 2004
The state of the mind when you have smoked entirely too much weed.
"seriously though, i wanna smoke a pancake!"
"dude, your totally dimmy"
by mstunaa September 24, 2009

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