the best thing that could happen to you
the other day i got rewarded w/ dims
by smile February 26, 2005
the best thing that could happen to u
the other day i got rewarded with dims
by smile February 26, 2005
of or relating to the course of action that would or has been taken by __the bassist, the drummer, or sexy man of the musical collabortion <D.I.M>
Example 1
kid 1: did you go out with that chick
kid 2: naw i told her she was a fat ugly manbearpig
kid 1: thats dim.
Example 2
regualr kid: did you hear that the drummer and sexy man went to saides stagg and got the hardest core action ever experianced by men? those guys are so dim.
Example 3
woman at the grocery store: wow look at that young man, he is wearing a tight pink shirt and very tight jeans, he has a scraggly beard, and his hair looks somewaht emo, to top it all off he is the meanest person i have ever seen
womans' child at the grocery store: mom, you just coulda said, <<that kid is dim>>
by __the bassist March 06, 2007
The one true religion
some one speaking to me from a weegie board said that dim was the true religion
by svannnnnn May 09, 2005
O the desperate 1 the annoyance of DIM stacks up 10 high another word 4 being rejected when asking people out eg. Someone was rejected you cud say ur like DIM now!
the desperate one rejected 3 times to date 11 march 05 their cud b more rejections in the future!!
by Nick Elsom March 11, 2005
one who loves mad cock
hey are you a dim ?
by Anonymous September 07, 2003

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