-There's only one Dim
A comrade member of the Carwash band
www.angelfire.com/ny5/dim for reference
Zalay speaks to Dim about the elephant mercenaries.

Dim shouts a greeting to all his fans
by Dim September 20, 2003
I came up with this after hearing DIY (Do it yourself) I then thought, "Hey! Do it myself!"

Dim = Do it myself
Fine, I will just dim!

Not pronounced as letters. It is pronounced as the word dim.
by Knuckles624 July 12, 2007
When using Instant Messanger and what you say to someone is missunderstood and everyone gets confused. So you say DIM and that means it's all messed up, let's forget it and restart the thread - it is the IM's fault things went off course. Like striking record in court.
during IM she gets angry at something he said and has been discussing. So he says DIM and she forgets it all and lets it go, cause she knows it's some form of misscommunication and the IM is to blame
by C-MasterEM September 13, 2006
the best thing that could happen to you
the other day i got rewarded w/ dims
by smile February 26, 2005
the best thing that could happen to u
the other day i got rewarded with dims
by smile February 26, 2005
of or relating to the course of action that would or has been taken by __the bassist, the drummer, or sexy man of the musical collabortion <D.I.M>
Example 1
kid 1: did you go out with that chick
kid 2: naw i told her she was a fat ugly manbearpig
kid 1: thats dim.
Example 2
regualr kid: did you hear that the drummer and sexy man went to saides stagg and got the hardest core action ever experianced by men? those guys are so dim.
Example 3
woman at the grocery store: wow look at that young man, he is wearing a tight pink shirt and very tight jeans, he has a scraggly beard, and his hair looks somewaht emo, to top it all off he is the meanest person i have ever seen
womans' child at the grocery store: mom, you just coulda said, <<that kid is dim>>
by __the bassist March 06, 2007
The one true religion
some one speaking to me from a weegie board said that dim was the true religion
by svannnnnn May 09, 2005
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