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dick in mouth syndrome - when you cant understand somebody because they're mumbling

what was that i cant understand you because you have DIMS
by the fakin Circle February 17, 2009
Another word for a dime or dimmy bag of weed
"Let me get a dim bag"
by Peachez June 09, 2004
d.i.m. - dick in mouth -
We weren't making out but 2 minutes and it was all d.i.m.

You little cocksucker. Nothing but d.i.m. for you all the live long day.
by Big Jim Powell February 10, 2009
Do It Myself; referring to masturbating or pleasuring yourself. To have sex with yourself. Plural: D.I.M.S.
"I'm gonna do some D.I.M.S. and then I'll feel better."
by anonymous6543743 August 19, 2009
an abbreviation for dick-in-mouth.
should be used frequently, when attempting to harass a slutty mutual friend.
Mariah, did you go dim(ing) this weekend?
by corianel March 27, 2009
Drunk In Morning Syndrome. When you wake up after a night of drinking and still feel intoxicated.
I'm a little DIMS so I probably shouldn't drive.
by themoonies September 02, 2013
Something that is cheesey or lame; When someone finds something that is lame or doesn't match their standards.
Dood, that's so DIM!
by Marty Baltiero February 20, 2007