Dim is not a noun, but a verb. To 'Do a Dimmy' is simply to pull off any feat of mere awesomeness.

Generally related to alcohol and women related activities, one achieves a sense of 'Dim-ness' by successfully completing an act of gloriousness, leaving the crowd in awe.
To Dim is to be a lord of alcohol. To wear Toga's, and have Levels play as entry music upon your entry to every single place you attend. To have the Gods of beer happily shine down upon you. Dim doesn't even get drunk, Alcohol gets Dim'ed.

They say only one man has thus far been able to achieve such immortality. Legend states most Eastern religions believe him to be the messiah.
Others call him by his birth name, the one and only David Outrata.

Dim is not only a lifestyle.
Dim is a legacy.
No joke, he just completely pulled a Dimmy, and slammed down an entire slab, before having sex with the entire Oakland Raiders cheersquad!
by Captain Splendifferous November 12, 2012
d.i.m. - dick in mouth -
We weren't making out but 2 minutes and it was all d.i.m.

You little cocksucker. Nothing but d.i.m. for you all the live long day.
by Big Jim Powell February 10, 2009
Another word for a dime or dimmy bag of weed
"Let me get a dim bag"
by Peachez June 09, 2004
Do It Myself; referring to masturbating or pleasuring yourself. To have sex with yourself. Plural: D.I.M.S.
"I'm gonna do some D.I.M.S. and then I'll feel better."
by anonymous6543743 August 19, 2009
an abbreviation for dick-in-mouth.
should be used frequently, when attempting to harass a slutty mutual friend.
Mariah, did you go dim(ing) this weekend?
by corianel March 27, 2009
Drunk In Morning Syndrome. When you wake up after a night of drinking and still feel intoxicated.
I'm a little DIMS so I probably shouldn't drive.
by themoonies September 02, 2013
Something that is cheesey or lame; When someone finds something that is lame or doesn't match their standards.
Dood, that's so DIM!
by Marty Baltiero February 20, 2007
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