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how the mentally challenged spell the word, "know"

(See "meeh," and "u")
i kNo u an MeeH bElOnG 2GetHeR lEtZ gO 2 tHa MaLL LoLz!!!!!!!!!11111
by uANDmeehLOLZ!!!!!!!!11111 April 23, 2004
An abbreviation for the anime Kodomo no Omocha, or Kodocha.
I watched KnO last summer. It owned.
by Sooner May 01, 2004
Do u kno that i'm hot?
by TR lova July 12, 2003
when someone says a joke that no one laughs at, and you say after the joke (k no) in the silence.

It is usually used as a sign to tell the person that the joke wasn't funny
dude what did the little german boy get for his birthday?
reply: i dont know
An easy bake oven!
reply: k no
by ojotheshow April 26, 2009
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