a contrast of a bright and shady character, naturally talented with a bright mind.
he was born 'dim', naturally a well blended character with an extraordinary sex drive for 'krissy'
by [ dim ] September 14, 2007
A child or teenager of low intelligence, usually hanging out on street corners and looking rather menacing.
I'm not going out when it's dark, too many dims about.
by SteveMick Pete December 04, 2005
Instant Messaging whilst Drunk. DIM
Girl, I have to learn not to sign onto AIM when I have been drinking ... I DIM'd my boss last nite. EEK.
by M'Chele June 26, 2005
refering to the likes of one dimothy myers, a man (?) of lower intelligence and questionable sexual orientation.
"yo, dim, who was that dude in your 87 mazda making out with you last night? oh, your brother? for real? aww shit..."
by Anonymous October 07, 2003
-There's only one Dim
A comrade member of the Carwash band
www.angelfire.com/ny5/dim for reference
Zalay speaks to Dim about the elephant mercenaries.

Dim shouts a greeting to all his fans
by Dim September 20, 2003
I came up with this after hearing DIY (Do it yourself) I then thought, "Hey! Do it myself!"

Dim = Do it myself
Fine, I will just dim!

Not pronounced as letters. It is pronounced as the word dim.
by Knuckles624 July 12, 2007
When using Instant Messanger and what you say to someone is missunderstood and everyone gets confused. So you say DIM and that means it's all messed up, let's forget it and restart the thread - it is the IM's fault things went off course. Like striking record in court.
during IM she gets angry at something he said and has been discussing. So he says DIM and she forgets it all and lets it go, cause she knows it's some form of misscommunication and the IM is to blame
by C-MasterEM September 13, 2006

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