4 definitions by corianel

an abbreviation for dick-in-mouth.
should be used frequently, when attempting to harass a slutty mutual friend.
Mariah, did you go dim(ing) this weekend?
by corianel March 27, 2009
a man who is able to penetrate an extensive amount of vaginas, aka gets laid alot.
The football quarterback is the biggest vadgemaster i know.
by corianel April 29, 2009
it is a bitchy brojo. tends to wear a bandana with a skimpy wife-beater, accessorizing a oversized purse. high maitenanced & stuck up.
I knew that girl was a brabitch as soon as I saw her bandana in the crowd.
by corianel March 27, 2009
opposite of cocksucker.
it is a derogatory comment for a man who sucks a womens cunt, or vaginal area.
That guy is so whipped over her. He is a cuntsucker.
by corianel March 27, 2009

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