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Your brain
"Twist your noodle change your mind"
Y'all aint on my level!!
by Peachez June 09, 2004
1.Performing oral sex
2. The act of sucking a penis
3. To give someone head
Andre asked Nakia if she be bobbin.
by PEACHEZ November 23, 2004
Yeah you got it right a blizz is a rolled up blunt with weed. Can be any blunt dutches, back woods whatevers your pleasure
Spark sumptin, blaze that blizz up
by Peachez June 09, 2004
Fakin:When one acts in a manner that is the complete opposite of how they feel.
Shanieka likes Kevin but she be fakin like she doesn't.
by PEACHEZ November 23, 2004
For the players who claim to fuck the shit out of a bitch
"I blew that hoe's back out"
by Peachez June 09, 2004
slang 4 "later"

used in da ghetto
Talk to ya lataz

Lataz homie
by Peachez March 25, 2005
Another word for a dime or dimmy bag of weed
"Let me get a dim bag"
by Peachez June 09, 2004

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