an acct firm where it seems people stay at the office longer than necessary to hang out on sites such as (See definitions for KPMG, PWC and E&Y, hardly any defs. or any voting going on, guess they are actually working!)
he works at Deloitte.
by bitter March 31, 2005
1) a place where you can work in exchange for money, and if you don't like working there, you can leave to make money somewhere else. 2) a place where you can have a career and make a whole lot of money if you think that is the right path for you. 3) a place that is not perfect, like every other workplace. 4) a place where you can either complain to yourself or others or actually try to engage with people to make it a better place.
people who write definitions for deloitte really seem to be bitter, so why don't they just leave?
by evets December 03, 2005
A company, like any other, that hires wet-behind-the-ears college grads.

Approximately 20-30% of these grads are over-achieving obnoxious types who are suddenly confronted with the reality of a demanding work schedule common to the industry they freely chose (and many other in their country of residence.) However, due to an inability to admit they made a mistake in their choice of profession (not necessarily employer), they remain unhappily employed by the same company. This inability is caused by the general immaturity of many young professionals as admitting a mistake in choice would require self-analysis, character, and possibly upsetting "daddy" (who they aimed so hard to impress by taking the job in the first place). They instead turn into apathetic whiners who bring down the morale and culture of their company with diatribe similar to the original definition.

This fosters a negative environment for the remaining 70-80% of employees who realize that they are employed of their own free will and can leave at any time, instead of referring to themselves as victims or even worse by slaves. “Slave” an overstatement that is an obviously, grossly insensitive reference to a race (in Americana history) who actually endured indentured servitude/slavery. (A race that is incidentally underrepresented by these firms b/c some of the same shallow and selfish pricks who think the biggest problem in the world is their own work schedule, eventually become partner and make strategic choices for the firm.)
any ass-clown grad who had daddy pay for their college education in the first place and thus does not yet realize the benefit of hard work.
by wassabisperm March 30, 2005

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