A modern form of prostitution where eager, young minds sign on with the most reputable "practice" pimp in hopes of success and fortune but end up being sold to the highest bidder while partaking only a minimal share of the profits. "Partners" pimps are noted for reprimanding personnel that do not perform every and all requests of the client john, as well as those who do not perform adequately in the eyes of the client.
Not showing up to the client is unacceptable when you work for Deloitte.
by Q March 30, 2005
1) A workplace that appears desirable from outside the doors, but the reality of torture sets in once the HONEYMOON phase wears off (approximately 1-2 months).

2) A workplace where people a lot less intelligent and a lot more arrogant make decisions that affect your day-to-day.

3) A thankless job. Regardless of gender, employees are essentially overworked prostitutes. The John, being the client, receives services, and the Pimp, Deloitte, slaps said prostitute and tells prostitute to start working on the next John in the line. Most of the time it's a circle jerk.

4) A workplace where people you start with soon fade away like they never existed, and you sit at your CUBE, disgruntled at how your networking and alliance relationships go down the TOILET.

5) A workplace where the good people leave, and the rotten stay.

6) A workplace that motivates you to find another job after two busy seasons MAXIMUM, unless you are into S&M.

7) A workplace that is good for slackers who b.s. all day, while the people who actually give a damn about the final product, grind away at their desks.

8) A workplace where meritocracy does not exist.

9) A workplace where apathy will always have a home.
Amy: I'm sorry you lost your husband, Martha.
Martha: Thanks, Amy. He's in a better place. I'm sorry too for your husband, Clarke, who is being eviscerated as we speak. He's at Deloitte, right?

Yo, I ain't kidding, son. You be a Deloitte. (fighting words)

I curse you to Deloitte. (a place worse than hell)

Deloitte you! (worse than the F bomb)

by Soothsayer911 April 02, 2006
The last form of slavery in the US. This is where many young people begin careers and work 115 hours a week until they either quit or die from exhaustion. Former Deloitte employees often have scarred backs from the whip marks.
After the unsuccessful triple bipass surgergy, the patient exhibited symptoms similar to someone having deloitism.
by arrrrgh March 30, 2005
Deloitte is a form of slavery, however there are invisible chains that restrain people. The people who realize their destructive plight are usually the ones to quit or die, by that time it's too late. They are usually physically, mentally or emotionally scarred. Alcohol soon becomes a loving companion.
Joe works at Deloitte for 115 hours a day and although he has a family at home, he choses to go to the bar after work in order to forget the preceeding episode of ill treatment.
by Joe Smith March 30, 2005
a shortend way of saying toilet and douche
I don't know why but everytime I hear Deloitte and Touche I thik Toilet and Douche. And by the way, is that a bloody turd in the toilet?
by Mo Hutch November 16, 2005
a black hole, time warp, and nightmare you don't know you are in until you leave when you realize what a waste of time those 3 years at Deloitte were and you'll want those 3 years of your life back.
Similar to what I imagine of doing time in jail or being a P.O.W. You survive your years art Deloitte and get by, then when you wake up and realize you are dumb for putting up with these shitheads, you'll wish you could have those 3 years back....BUT you can't that time in your life is gone forever. You'll never get those years back!!! You work and work trying to please the partners who are about 40-50 years of age but look 70 from all the years of working for assholes, and you would have learned more and gotten further in your career had you gone with that startup a few years back.
by Ron Anchorurgandy July 29, 2006
(a) a common form of slavery around the world
(b) a company that picks already lifeless, boring, backstabbing new grads so they can fit easier into deloitte's culture
(c) a place where nerdy unattractive men and women call their home because they have forgotten what home looks like due to working too hard
You didn't get picked by Deloitte? Well yeah, cuz you're not ugly!

He would fit well in Deloitte. He's smart, doesn't have fashion style, and he's a backstabbing son of a gun.

Therapist: What's seems to be the problem?
Patient: I work at Deloitte
Therapist: Oh...this IS serious!
by stupid new grad September 25, 2007
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