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words used to instigate physical combat
Man 1: Your mother is a cheap whore.
Man 2: Thems fighting words.
by Gabe Moon October 06, 2008
The few words, if any, to say before a fight ensues.
The most common topics to insult are:
Your Mom/dad
Your sister/brother
Your close friend

Your girlfriend/boyfriend
Your wife/husband
Your son/daughter

Your pet
Your financial situation

Or anything else you take seriously
(Both Max, the innocent bystander & Rick are standing in a alleyway, about to fight.)

Max: Any last words? (He punches his knuckles together and then gets into a fighting stance.)

Rick: I'm gonna kick your fucking ass! (He glides his arms around him to end up with him getting into a fighting stance, both said their fighting words.)
by The dude with a plan October 28, 2014
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