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example, matter is anything that has both mass and volume. Matter can be great or small. As a people we recognize matter bigger and smaller than our expression of understanding and accept the unknown in terms of matter yet to be discovered. Look at Neutrinos-(don't be lazy about learning-look them up). Matter has no correct or wrong expression associated to its existence; hence no right or wrong for matter; though all energy has a color spectrum whether expressed, recognized or otherwise. hence IT MATTERS by William 'Bill' McPhee for example, pinuar method
It Matters Words/music - William ‘Bill’ McPhee

We are matter

In the universe

We matter

We are here

No right or wrong

For matter

Only colors

That express

Momentary weaving’s

In the fabric

We exist

It matters you are here

It matters that I care

It doesn’t matter why

Where or when you cry

(It matters you are here)

I’ve loved you for so long

I can’t remember when

You couldn’t make me smile

All the time and while

(I’ve loved you for so long)

It matters you are here

It matters that I care

It doesn’t matter why

Where or when you cry

I’ve loved you for so long

So long...
Pinuar method
William 'Bill' McPhee
by Maximillion Robere February 04, 2010
Yet another of the opposites/sarcasm family of words meaning unimportant, inconsequential or useless. Became popular in the early 90's with the gen x'rs.
Matters about .25 cent hiballs look at the line up to get in! Hey I'm about go a week without smoking! Matters! Call me when you get to a year! Oh man look at that chick she's slammin! Matters dude your so whipped you may as well cut your own nuts off.
by Rontastic July 30, 2006
A word that is often used sarcastically. When used in such a manner, it means the opposite of its true definition, thus meaning having little or no worth; too neglible to worry about.
Troy matters.
by E Bomb Bezzle February 02, 2004
n. When a person is depressed but can't quite determine why, he/she has "the matters." from "What's a matter?"

The person doesn't know "what's a matter."
What's wrong, Louis?
I don't know, I've just got the matters.
by TBea April 23, 2008
Like planets and stars and whatever the fuck jeggings are made out of.
Bill: What's the matter?

Scott: Nothing.
Bill: Wrong. Everything is matter.
by starlordzuko June 04, 2015
To be a worthless coward of a drunk that sits around and does nothing but chew on oneself and masterbate constantly to scat porn.

Also one who is to lazy to chew his fast food and chooses to put it in a blender so he or she does not have to chew.
Steve has been such a mess of a Matters latly, he blended a milkshake, double cheeseburger and french fries all together. Then did a a shot and took a nap. When he woke up he was to lazy to blow his nose in the bathroom so he took off his sock and fire a snot rocket into it.
by DrewBagger April 09, 2008
matter means any "adult" or "XXX" materials
Uma did u bring the matter that u downloaded yesterday from santosh pc?
by anuragisspeltanurag August 29, 2007
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