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when you have nothing to do and choose to bother someone when they are busy.
*on my computer*
*my little brother comes in and just stands there*

Me- what do you want.
him- nothing, im bored!
by The Lingerer January 27, 2009
When you fart in one room, but the smell follows you into another.
"Dude! You've got some nasty linger from that fart. You should have waited a bit longer in there."
by ATMofMN March 11, 2010
1. To do something incredibly stupid or humiliating in front of a public audience, or in front of somebody in posession of a camera or recording device.
2. To show ones bare ass for a prolonged period of time.
3. To get incredibly drunk or monged and regret ones actions later.
On Saturday night Tom got the "fever" and pulled a Linger.
by HuckLBerryFin September 11, 2005
To lick out and finger a chick simultaneously.
I lingered that hot girl from work last night.
by Reneee May 17, 2008
Racist term used to describe anyone of Asian descent.
"Oh my god, look at the Linger."

"Check out the Linger taking pictures, how linger-ish."
by Lings on Parade November 27, 2006
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