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acronym meaning: "i don't love you"
related to ily, meaning "i love you"
greg: omg ily!
me: uhh idly
greg: OMG NOOOO!!!! *dies*
me: bahahaahahhaa.
by flostamcarnage November 13, 2008
Stands for "I Don't Love You", a My Chemical Romance song, from The Black Parade.
Person 1:Have you seen the video for IDLY yet?
Person 2:Yeah, isn't it awesome?
by Immortality March 20, 2007
I dont like you
Person 1: Billy idly anymore.
Person 2: why not?
Person 1: because, you broke my Ipad and ate all my food.
Person 2: then idly either :(
Person 2: ...
by Urban Mystery July 27, 2015
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