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to hang around aimlessly; stand around or move without apparent purpose <usually with large costs associated with establishment owner>
The project was going really well until the scope changes; after that the consultants were doing nothing but deloittering around.

I just finished my presentation today so I'm going to deloitter the afternoon away.
by dj yellow fever March 31, 2005
A person who works for Deloitte and gets crapped on, pissed on, worked to hell, and paid garbage for salary...and likes it...generally because they suck at life, went to a bad school, majored in something obscure, don't speak english, and know nothing about business.

Typical Deloitter: Shermiqua Umbabwe from Nigeria, First Language: Not English, attended St. Carmichael State in Nevada, majored in Refridgerator repair, 3.4/4.0 gpa (hey, deloitte took notice of such a fine accomplishment in the classroom)
by Mark Whittaker August 18, 2006
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