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is any sort of sexual or dirty inuendos
Yo be right back, im gonna carmichael that ho
#blowjob #sex #blue waffle #reach around #muffins
by Michael_car March 01, 2010
city in California, known for it's Arden-Arcade area. The city is quite large and is well known for being unusually spread out, walk two steps away from Coyle Ave. you are now in Citrus Heights, walk a block to Del Campo from Carmichael, you are now in Fair Oaks. To a person from Citrus Heights, Carmichael is hella days away, when it's only a 45 minute walk depending on how fast you are.

Carmichael gave the world that preppy Disney star Brenda Song.
V: Carmichael is hella days away
S: I know!
B: Dude, it's not that bad, it's only a 45 minute walk.
V: Did you hear something? It sounded like a smart-ass I don't wanna listen to right now.
#citrus heights #stitches #poko #spizz #harry potter #love #fun #sex #drugs #rock
by Brittney Sade July 26, 2008
When your fucking a chick who has a boyfriend named Michael and you stuff tonka trucks up her ass.
I was fucking that chick dating Michael and I Carmichaeled her all night.
#carmichael #tonka #truck #ass #fucking #chick
by JMak17 February 10, 2008
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