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old word gaining new popularity in stupid bullshit rap songs because everyone is getting tired of hearing "fo' shizzle my nizzle". Pussy ass rap artists sit around and shit out these new words and think they're the shit when really they just smell like shit.
I'm a skank ass rap artist and when I say CRUMP, you shove that cucumber up my ass because i aint gonna stop you from doing it.
by fuk dre fuk eminem January 12, 2005
When Donald Trump says something so appalling you crap yourself.
I crumped myself after hearing the GOP primaries
by GC42 August 11, 2016
Acronym: Careless Rarely Useful Meaningless Person.

If you have a project that really needs to be completed successfully and quickly - the one guy you really DON'T want on the job is a C.R.U.M.P.
Boss: "Hey Stuie what the fuck's happened to this job? It was looking good, on time and on budget - now it's all gone to shit"!
Manager: "Sorry but it wasn't my idea to put T***y in charge. Everyone knows he's a proper C.R.U.M.P."
by VRnomore April 27, 2010
A venereal disease contracted sexually in which small shrimp like creatures habitate in pubic hair. These creatures highly resemble ocean based crumpets, but are molescule in comparison. Easily treatable with douche.
Girl 1: WTF!!?? I just found a miniature shrimp in my crotch!
Guy 2: Holy Shit! You got the Crumps! You dirty bitch! I told you that your addiction to banging Hobos would lead to trouble!
by the triple threat gang March 21, 2008
Synonym for the verb 'masturbate'.
I am in dire need of a crump, haven't had one in hours.
by HC #8 December 10, 2013
verb - to stomp onto the stomach of a freshly deceased corpse with such force that its internal organs erupt from its anus/vagina. Usually performed so that the guts spray into the face of a willing volunteer for their perverted pleasure.
Jon: "How'd you like that time when I crumped your mum all over you?"
Dan: "It was the hottest thing ever"
by Monkeytits March 06, 2014
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