v. To hit or tackle hard.

Often used by Stuart Scott on ESPN.
Julius Peppers crumped Michael Vick on that last play!
by cp November 30, 2004
Adjective: The ultimate form of sexiness.
Holy crap, that is one Crump girl.
by Jeff scott February 13, 2004
eating while taking a dump.
I love cinnamon toast crunch while I crump.
by ryan and jay November 20, 2003
An old maid school teacher
Student #1: That poor woman. Three eyes, or is that a wart?

Student #2: It's a wart, see the hair growin' out of it?

Student #1: Oh yeah. Too bad, she'll always be a crump.

Crump: Quiet back there!

by Jimmy D October 13, 2003
To be forced to not act due to a passive threat of getting sold out or told on
If Pete hadn't got Crumped, I could have flown to the ship
by Kojak October 05, 2003
an expression of exasperation or excitement.
What the crump? or thats crumpin awesome. and as mrs. lowery put it, its crumpin' hot in here.
by Master P July 31, 2003
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