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A form of hip-hop dancing where one dresses up as a clown, complete with make-up, a red nose, and a wig, and dances to beat-filled hip-hop music.
Dude, I just won five grand for busting out at that competition with my new crumping routine! I was crumpin' it all up in here.
by ilbisaac August 14, 2005
Great style of dancing, preformed be a select few, preferably to rap or techno beats.
Whenever Alex and squirrel turn on some techno or rap beats, kitty kat is always crumping around, while wearing her crumping shoes.
by kitty kat :3 December 23, 2009
Verb: As opposed to the form of dance spelled with a K, crumping is the act of putting your hands in your pockets and grabbing someone through your pants. Additional points are given for rhyming by way of crumping someones rump, jumping into a crump, or crumping Donald Trump.
I'm gonna crump Denise right now.
*puts hands in pockets, grabs denise*
Me: You've been crumped. I love crumping.
by rumpcrump3000 February 28, 2011
Crumping is a conjunction of the words: crusty and humping
John and Mary were found crumping in the corner.
by MaChar August 14, 2013
The act of dressing up as a crumpet. Covering yourself with butter and jam and then through a series of dance like shaking movements attempting to remove them before your competitors.
Man that was the worst crumping I have ever seen, you were as fresh as just out of the packet.
by Dragonwars11 January 20, 2009
To lick a persons anus hole.
Andy has been crumping that girls bum hole all day!
by spongebob12345 March 12, 2008
worst dancing in the world. made from the new gen. hip-pop and needs no skill what so ever to do.
crumper: man im hiphop
bboy: man your hippop
crumper: ohh yea i am hippop, i know nothing of hipHOP and its orgins, thanks man
bboy: no problem you suck anyways
by iloveyoubabycakes May 13, 2005

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