The alignment and angleing of a female's legs, arms and torso during coitus that best enhances the chance of a fanny fart.
Dont you think the sound of a motor boat sounds like a fanny fart? I think i will crump my girlfriend tonight and find out?

My girlfriend crumped during sex and woke the next door neighbour with her fanny fart.
by High Maintenance April 30, 2007
Semi-taboo term with many uses in modern urban language. Crump can be simply defined as a 'blanket' phrase. 'Blanket' phrases are words or utterances that can be classed as multiple parts-of-speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, interjections) as well as being used as interrogatives, declaritives, exclamitives and imperitaves, in a sentence (example see:fuck). Crump is most commonly used as either an insult or an exclamitive.
The word Crump can be used in both negative and positive situations, depending on the syntax and intonation within the phrase it is spoken.
There is no hard-copy evidence or other archived written forms of the word Crump, however there are many referances in media forms (song lyrics, television, etc.)
"Go and Crump yourself"
"You dirty Crump"
"What the Crump?"
"I want to take you up the Crump"
"For Crumps sake"
"Argh, Crump!"
by Definizzle March 23, 2005
when you poop while gettin fucked in the ass and shit everywhere
i know this girl who just got crumped on the pool table
by bigdick2345242 October 29, 2007
Created one fine day by band geeks whilst walking down the street. This word came up because one of the sexy band geeks was excited and wasn't speaking properly. Crump now is used to state that something sucks and is usually followed with laughter because we said the word crump.
That's crump.

Band Geek #1: "We shall crompramise." Band Geek #2: ".. crompramise?! -laughs-" #1: "yes, crump" #2:"DEAD CAT" #1:" ahhhhh! -runs-" #2:"-laughs-" #1:"you're crump"

by silly.erin August 25, 2006
short for crumpet

method gurl has a nice crumpet

i fucked her up the ass last night.
that method gurl tight as a size 10 on a size 20 woman!
by money green March 09, 2005
A person who talks shit but will never back it up. A "crump" is perfectly described in Lil Jon's "What U Gon Do?"
Me and my niggas were in the club when this crump motherfucker came up and started talkin shit, I told him to meet me outside but his crump ass ran.
by MuGeN March 06, 2005
packed...a crunk party is a crump party...drunk/crazy/and packed ..Crump
Man,that party was so fucking crump last night,their was plenty of hoes.
by john March 04, 2005

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