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Showing patience; someone who is able to wait for a long period of time with little or no complaint, despite obstacles and difficulties. Considered a virtue. Someone who dosen't bitch as often.
Jennifer: Wow, we got lost for three hours in San Diego in the hot sun and Alan didn't complain at all!

Kate: Wow, what a patient guy! unlike most of the population who bitch a lot.

Jennifer: I know....bitches!
by FabGonz May 29, 2009
A client of a medical clinic.

Does not turn up for appointments.

Turns up without an appointment.

Makes appointments.
Changes appointments.
Does not turn up for appointments.
Complains about payment.
Does not pay for appointment.

Terrorises clinic staff with loud, angry outbursts.

Terrifies other patients with inappropriate anecdotes.

Refers other patients.
Process starts once again.
An impatient patient who saps the patience from patient clinic staff.
by mownie March 31, 2010
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