The word crump originated from an ancient form of deriving the tastiness factor found within food. Tasty Baggins, a pioneering hobbit fond of food and all things tasty, believed that all food was tasty but that tastiness itself had varied levels of intensity and greatness. It's unknown how the word was created by Tasty, but it is known that Tasty had a heavy hand in it's formation and scalability.
Gandalf and Tasty enjoyed a rather crumptacular lunch.
by TBagend January 17, 2011
Circular savoury bread snack 7.5 metres in diameter. As they are too large to fit in most toasters or be eaten in one sitting, the scaled down 'crumpet' is far more popular today.
Since the divorce Christmas dinner has meant munching 2 buttered crumpets in solitude. I miss the years that me and the family would share a full sized crump.
by Sgidgwintinliser September 20, 2009
The true definition of a bitchass nigga. So much so that he/she can no longer be considered a man or woman to the point where they are commenlly refered to as ness, for bitchassness.
Yo my dude, get the Crump out ya system.
by M. Faze April 10, 2009
A mixture of emotions of cranky and grumpy.
I had a bad day today and I feel so crumped!
by Leaha & Kristina March 25, 2009
To eat while on the crapping on the toilet.
The best crump is when a fried chicken drumstick is involved.
Take a crump
by dirty_mongoose February 25, 2009
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