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Krump is an acronym for Kingdom Radically Uplifted Mighty Praise. It is a dance form that was pioneered by Tight Eyez aka Ceasare Willis and Lil C along with a group of others namely Big Mijo, Slayer, and Hurricane. It is an aggressive, and spiritual form of dance with christian roots. Its movements include Chest Pops, Stomps, Armswings, Syncs, Puzzles, Bangs, and Kill-Offs. There are supposedly 3 Levels to krumping. Krump, Buckness, and Ampness. While some (clowns) mistakingly claim that Tommy the Clown created krumping this is not the case.
Dont try to krump you're just a server.
by BigSkills01 July 06, 2006
A style of dancing consisting of various chest pops, stomps, and arm swings. It is used to express one's feelings towards another through dance rather than violence. Please don't confuse krumping with clown dancing.
(See krumping)

The wobble ain't no krump move!
by caroline June 27, 2005
A common word used by Ernies (Members of the website and Youtube Poop writers.

The word Krump is used to describe anyone who does not agree with "The Que of Life" that Ernest Chan members live by.
It is used by the Ernies as a pronoun, adjective, and verb depending on the situation set in the Ern story that the Ernie writes.

In Youtube Poop, Krump is used as a synonym for "Rape" as seen in "How the Grinch Barrowed Hanukkah".
Ernest Chan:

"One day krumpy mother makes a disgusting casserole."

"Walking is for krumps, so he -steals- borrows an electric cart from walmart."
"Vincent krumps around Ernest's house."

Youtube Poop

"And when the child was in bed, he krumped the child." - How the Grinch Barrowed Hanukka
by /Mod February 20, 2014
The fat ripples of ones stomach.
Mom you got some major Krumps going on! Why thank you, it took a lot of food to get these beautiful Krumps.
by Macflynn February 23, 2013
The Krump is the non gender specific area from ones belly button, down and around to the top of ones ass crack.
Emily came by last night and we bumped krumps. She rode the Krump stump all night.
by DJ Or Derb February 23, 2011
1)not right; annoying
2) expressing unpleasant emotions
1)That Chemistry exam was krump.

2) I am feeling krump, because of what happened yesterday.
by hastemakeswaste123 April 22, 2011
Much like breakdancing was a benchmark of inner city culture in the ’80s, a dance movement called krumping is creating its own subculture among teens in Los Angeles neighborhoods such as Compton, South Central, and Watts. Informed equally by hip-hop, African tribal rituals, pantomime and martial arts, krumping is a frenetic, hyper fast-paced dancing style. Dancers gather in school grounds, parking lots, and yards to perform and “battle dance” each other; participants are typically vocal opponents of violence, thus making the krumping scene an alternative to the gang wars that plague the areas where krumping is popular. Theatrical face paint is also worn by the dancers, which gives krumping its other moniker, “clowning”. While authentic krumping is fuelled by an intensity that would probably be found intimidating by most of mainstream America, we wouldn’t be surprised to at least see it find its way to other urban areas.
RIZE - directed my david la chappele
by bigash June 20, 2005
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