living family member of someone you admit you murdered.
I sent flowers to the crump on the anniverary of his brother's death.
by Infinite and empty December 08, 2008
Two words combined:

Grumpy + Cranky.
1. (After being lambasted by one's teacher for something relatively inconsequential), she says to her friend, "God, what a crump!"
by lastcrazyhorn May 10, 2008
A crusty pump. where one farts and there bumhole bleeds with pleasure.

HOLY SHIT matty clark just crumped on that do-nut
by poosniff150 April 22, 2008
a crump is when you have a bubbly fart.
makes steffy start her period late!
i crump in aimees bed.
by SteffyDropDead March 22, 2008
when you poop while gettin fucked in the ass and shit everywhere
i know this girl who just got crumped on the pool table
by bigdick2345242 October 29, 2007
Defined by some, at New England boarding schools and colleges, as a solid excretory product evacuated from the bowels. In other words, a nice, solid, non-diarrhea shit. It is a verb only and not a noun. The term can only be used to describe the action of pooping a solid poop.
I'm going to crump. I just crumped.
by Heals September 18, 2007
A English whore, such as in londen.
Hey chaps lets go fetch us some crumpets! Jolly good!

by phant0m September 23, 2005
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