A very short, but unusually wide penis.

gotta GET IT ON in the party zone!
gotta LICK A CHOAD in the party zone!
by snuffles345 January 07, 2008
A short fat penis, which is wider than longer.
Jame's Lado Has a huge ass choad!
by Henry Nigga November 20, 2007
A male penis that is wider than it is long.
That fat, short man is a bit of a choad
by Stephen Skepper January 14, 2004
a small but fat penis, most often found in fat people.
kayla:did you sleep with david
Tori: hell no he has a Choad!
by syn date rap April 01, 2008
A penis so wide it hurts a woman to even fit into her, proof having a big dick is not the best thing ever.
PB's choad was so wide it didnt even fit into a girl who had a baby, to believe he had sex with a virgin with that monster poor girl prolly has no tightness left now...
by Diarrhea Mouth February 23, 2008
the 2 inch area, although may be larger in more big bodied indiviuals, from the base of the testicles to the start of the anus.
I can't believe that he got so drunk that he flashed his choad to us!
by jase dee April 11, 2007
A "choad" is a penis that is wider than it is long.
Tcherepnine's choad weighs 9 stone!!!

Tcherepnine's penis is twice as wide as it is long dude!
That's one hell of a choad!
by Mike22 February 08, 2007

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