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slang term for a pilchard
chuck us that bucket of choads, i'm gonna hook one up and catch me a big mother fucker of a fish.
by king parrot June 18, 2007
1) The stretch of fleshy highway between a man's goatbag(Scrotum) and your butthole(anus). 2) Slanderous name for a diagreeable dickball(person). 3) NOT a sqaure penis.
1)"He is such a greasy Choad-faced douche tool!"(Slanderous) 2)"Aw, Sarge they shot me right in the choad!" 3)"I was then abrubtly kicked in my choad with his steel toad boot."
by Ben Jonson December 07, 2005
Noun; A phallus, or penis. Also known as the Chinese Choad.
"You can suck my choad."
by Spyder Edwards December 03, 2004
It's the part between a guys balls and his ass hole.
Wow your a fucking choad!
by Cleo April 26, 2004
Captain of the starship "bob", from the movie, and SciFi channel show: "Tripping the Rift".
Captain's log, commander choad speaking, starlog date what ever, etc....
by TTRfan March 12, 2004
A choad is really a penis tat is larger than it is wide. Also, the definition as choad being the skin between your nuts and your anus is actually the definition for the term "grundle"
Dude, you have a choad........
by playnpimpnballer September 10, 2003
The area between the poohole and the peehole on a chick or the poohole and the wordsatchel on a dude. See wordzoot, wordtaint, wordgooch

Dude it was awesome, she licked my choad all night!
by zooter June 29, 2003