Most used at the McCallie school in Chattanooga TN, this means either a short fat individual or a tool.
Dude look at that choad!
Yeah he's such a douche.
by frederick archebald May 26, 2011
"It's the *space* *between* your nutsack and your asshole."

You have to say it exactly like that, emphasizing *space* and *between* (and you have to emphasize the words separately).
Q: "What's a Choad?"

A: "It's the *space* *between*..."
by redblade77 August 12, 2009
Noun, usually used to define a person in an unsavorery way. A loser or unpopular person.
Mark is such a choad, I dont know why we hang out with him.
by Darth Oxx July 31, 2009
Penis that is more wider then it is tall. Like a cheesewheel
Guy: hey are you ready for your first time.

Girl: Oh my god! WHAT IS THAT!

Guy: Uhhhhhhhhh....

Girl: Thats a fuckin CHOAD!! ITS TO FAT!!
by Mikesheets18 January 12, 2009
a small but fat penis, most often found in fat people.
kayla:did you sleep with david
Tori: hell no he has a Choad!
by syn date rap April 01, 2008
A "choad" is a penis that is wider than it is long.
Tcherepnine's choad weighs 9 stone!!!

Tcherepnine's penis is twice as wide as it is long dude!
That's one hell of a choad!
by Mike22 February 08, 2007
A penis that is wider, than it is long.

Mel Gibson. Hitler. Your mother.

"My choad hurts"
by Adrian O'Toole August 04, 2006

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