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An Australian magazine for teenage girls, teaches them to believe in themselves, like their self image, love themselves and not to go anorexic like half the super models in other magazines. Also teaches methods of masturbation.
Girl:"Have you read this months 'sealed section' of Girlfriend magazine, shoving barbie dolls is the new thing, it works too".
by coopz March 12, 2008
person who is addicted to large female breasts
"that dude keeps staring at me, i could swear hes a jug addict"
by Coopz December 02, 2007
1.Penis that is wider than it is long, the exsistance of such is questionable. it would only be posible when not experiencing an erection,often spelt chode down under.

2.Area of skin between the sack and the arse
1."its a choad, you dont suck, you lick"

2."my bicycle had its seat of the other day, i sat down hard and bruised my choad"
by coopz March 08, 2008
Child concieved by missplaced semen during a blowjob or knob licking sesion
"Yo a Knob Job Gone Wrong homie"
by Coopz December 03, 2007

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