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The stuff that erupts from the penis during ejaculation.
Yo man when alicia sucked me off, i shot ball sauce clean against her parents' bedroom!
by Joe December 09, 2004
34 16
An extremely clean male scrotum.
Doctor: Wow nice ballsauce you have, you've passed the physical!
Tom: Thanks I keep it extra clean.
by inspirationals January 14, 2013
5 0
The thick sweat that accumulates on your nuts on a hot day.
Man, you smell like ball sauce.
by Rich E September 15, 2007
15 10
Historicaly the term used to define the discharge that comes out of my penis all over Matt Gullion's moms face.
Man...i blasted that bitch with my ballsauce...her face was soaked....what a fucking cockasaurus
by Jason Hance April 16, 2004
16 15